A Great Dane, the Victim of Cruelty and Neglect

“The National Link Coalition has a long list of studies that show a link between abuse of animals and abuse or neglect toward humans,” says SPCA of Wake County President and CEO Kim Janzen.

“The SPCA of Wake County provides a voice for animals, which also brings attention to vulnerable populations,” Janzen added.

Since animals are voiceless and can’t defend themselves, they represent many defenseless populations. In homes where an animal is being abused, there can often be abuse or neglect of other vulnerable populations, such as the elderly or children.

The SPCA of Wake County works to educate our community about recognizing and reporting animal cruelty.

“Our role at the SPCA of Wake County is to give animals who have been hurt, neglected and betrayed a chance to feel safe, loved and free from pain,” explains Media Manager Tara Lynn.

Recent Animal Neglect Case

Monday, the SPCA of Wake County took in a dog whose future will be forever shaped by the neglect he experienced as a puppy. Todd is a Great Dane mix and at approximately one-year-old, he is about half the size of a dog his type and underweight. Veterinarians say based on his condition, it is likely he was kept in too small a confined space and not given enough food during his growing puppy months. Now, he has skeletal deformities that cause limited mobility and pain when he tries to walk. What Todd has experienced is animal cruelty.

Thankfully, Todd is now at the SPCA of Wake County where he will have all the time he needs to find the right family to care for him and help him live his best life.

Your gift today will help provide life-changing second chances for dogs like Todd and hundreds more like him. It takes resources to care for animals suffering from cruelty and neglect. But we all agree that the price is worth it. 

The SPCA of Wake County rescues and shelters more than 3,700 animals each year, primarily transferring in animals from area municipal shelters. Todd came to the SPCA through one of its local shelter partners.

Todd’s story is a reminder that cruelty still exists in our community and we must take action to prevent cruelty to animals and people.

To support the SPCA of Wake County’s local efforts to prevent cruelty please visit: http://bit.ly/spcaTodd