Community Initiatives

Need Help Fast?

SPCA Wake's Helpline provides free guidance for whatever pet needs or concerns you may have. Whether you need help managing your cat's or dog's behavior or need information on affordable spay/neuter services, veterinary care, or anything else -- we're here for you!

The SPCA of Wake County celebrates the human-animal bond and has made a commitment to help pets stay in their homes and out of the shelter system. As a part of that effort, we offer a few resources to help pet owners.

  • Pet Behavior Problems

    Pets in shelters can act very differently from pets in homes. That said, it isn’t uncommon to bring a new pet home and discover a behavior you aren’t prepared for. The best news is you have options! You might be surprised to learn that many behavior issues can be solved by you in your own home! For those that can’t, there are professionals who can help.

  • Not a Behavior Problem - Other Resources

    Behavior problems aren't the only reasons pets are surrendered to shelters. We offer a Pet Retention Tools packet filled with information about pet-friendly housing, veterinary care assistance, and other pet retention tools. We hope the information will help pet owners keep the pets they already have.

  • Rehoming Your Pet

    Sometimes, for whatever reason, leaving a pet in his current home isn’t an option. In that case, the best option is for the pet’s owner to take a "do-it-yourself" approach and rehome the pet without him entering the shelter system. The Do-It-Yourself Rehoming Packet has tips and tricks for finding your pet a new home.

  • Humane Education

    Attention teachers! You play an important role in strengthening the human-animal bond and helping pets stay in their homes and out of shelters. You can help your students learn about empathy, responsible pet ownership, understanding pets’ body language, protecting the environment, and more. We have compiled a variety of activities to help you teach these valuable lessons.