Adoptions by Appointment

How to Schedule:

What to expect:

The majority of the adoption process will be done over the phone and via video. This way our team is able to manage a low-flow of traffic in and around the adoption center. When the adoption team receives an adoption survey via email, the adopters can expect to receive a call back within 48 hours. If the adoption team leaves a voicemail, the adopters will have 24 hours to return the call.

The adoption team and the potential adopters will discuss the survey via phone. If all goes well, an appointment is scheduled for the adopter to meet and finalize the adoption process.

Please note, all staff and adopters are required to wear masks to enter the building.

The adoption team is able to accept up to 3 adoption surveys per pet.

Appointments to meet and finalize the adoption process will be limited to 30 minutes.

All cats must have a carrier to leave the building (you are welcome to buy on in the SPCA’s Retail Store). All dogs must leave on a martingale dog collar or a harness (these are also available for purchase in the SPCA’s Retail Store).

While continuing adoption by appointments, the following guidelines will still be in place:

Please know, we are processing the adoption surveys as soon as possible, and we are operating on a first-come/first-served email basis.

1– When an adoption survey is emailed, please have the pet you’re interested in mind (we are unable to let visitors in the building).

2- Filling out the appropriate survey (dog, cat, or small pet) if the best way to hold your place in line. There is no need to follow up with a call.

3- Once your survey has been submitted,  please hold tight as we make our way down the list (please know it may be 48 hours before you receive a call back from our team).

4- Unfortunately, we are unable to process surveys if a pet already has 3 adoption surveys submitted. Our website is updated in real-time, and you will see a note on the pet’s photo if a pet already has one or more adoptions pending. We thank you for your patience, and we are so happy you’re interested in adopting!