Gaboink Gets Wheels

Gaboink's happy (albeit a little clumsy) new life

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As summer kicks into full gear so does the need for urgent rescues. And more often than not, we get calls about special-needs pets. To top it off, we’re working with a crew stretched thin from the ongoing pandemic.

This means, when we got the call from our partner shelter near Winston Salem, about a special-needs kitten, we jumped into action. Gaboink has a developmental condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). It’s a condition in which the cerebellum of the brain (the part of the brain that controls balance and coordination) fails to develop properly. Thankfully, the condition is not painful or contagious.

However, for Gaboink, it means he can only take 1 step, maybe 2, before falling over, and trying to stand back up. He would often bump his head trying to catch his toys, or trip over himself when trying to play with his littermates (who were not affected by CH).

To help keep him upright, our team created a wheelchair, and tennis ball helmet to protect against bumping his head. With a little patience and a lot of MacGyver-ing, it worked! Gaboink could now stand up and play with his toys without falling over.

Your support allowed us to take in this special-needs kitten. It is because of you that he now has a long, happy, and healthy (albeit a little clumsy) life ahead of him. Without you, his chances of finding a loving home, able to take on such a special pet would have been significantly harder. And because of your support, Gaboink FINALLY has a loving family to call his own!

Thank you for helping him get started on the right foot!