Staff Directory

President & CEO

Kim Janzen, President and CEO
919-772-2326, ext. 2090

Adoptions & Admissions
919-772-2326, ext. 2070

Kim Flowers, Senior Director of Operations
919-772-2326, ext. 2097


Mondy Lamb, Vice President of Philanthropy
919-772-2326 ext. 2086

Sarah Streeper, Director of Advancement

Donations by Phone

Ralf Hollander, Donor Specialist
919-772-2326 ext. 2083


Kim Beaver, Vice President of Finance
919-772-2326, ext. 2084

Community Programs

Molly Stone, Director of Community Initiatives
919-772-2326, ext. 2096

Communications & Media

Darci VanderSlik, Director of Communications


Lisa Kroll, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
919-772-2326, ext. 2089

Main Contact Information

Main contact number: 919-772-2326

Fax: 919-772-2482

SPCA Administrative Offices are located at:
The SPCA Pet Adoption Center
200 Petfinder Lane, Raleigh, NC 27603
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