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The SPCA Pet Adoption Center is now open for public visits! Please note we have recently updated to a new & improved paperless, appointment-based adoption process for your convenience. You can now automatically place a pet on hold — wherever you are — by using our electronic adoption survey.

All of our adoptable cats and kittens can be viewed below. This list is updated every hour, so keep an eye on it to see who's available, and who's adopted! 

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Featured Pet: MAGGIE

Only the Royal Treatment will do for this darling!

Her Majesty, Maggie here! I'm looking for a forever home where I can live in the lap of luxury like the spoiled princess I am. I have the softest and most gentle meow and I'll use it whenever I have queenly requests to make. For instance — I'll need daily glamour treatments to maintain this gorgeous mane. I am very content just to sit in bed with you while you stroke my locks and watch movies all day long. Let's be luxurious together! I also love a good play session with the feather wand — it is a never-ending game of fun and excitement! I like to be the star of the show, too, so if you are looking to have one pet kingdom, I am the four-pawed ruler for you. If you're ready for a lifetime of royal love, reach out to the SPCA of Wake County today!

See below for more information about adopting Maggie!