Six dogs now have a fresh start after being rescued from a hoarding situation in Wake County.

The six small dogs arrived at the SPCA of Wake County last week all in need of warm baths and medical care. These were just six dogs from a much larger group who had all been living in cramped conditions.

Pastor, a miniature poodle arrived with heavily matted fur, tangled with clumps of dirt. His nails were also overgrown.

SPCA team members jumped in to provide him relief. Animal Care Specialist Lindsey started by shaving his fur. Every few minutes she had to take a break to brush out the dirt and debris that clogged the clipper. She took special care around his face and eyes, especially when she discovered a quarter-sized clump that was stuck right beside his eye. As Lindsey worked, she also noted a tangle that extended from his front elbow to his side, meaning every time Pastor took a step, the hair would pull at his skin.

Pastor’s life and the life of five of his friends changed forever last week. You are their life-saver.
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Below you can see the before and after photos of Pastor and his friends. Friends like Randy who got a bath and blow dry. From what we could see, he thoroughly enjoyed being pampered.

Benny and Ratatouille were so scared when they arrived that staff member, Ryan, brought them to his office to settle in. It didn’t take long before they were best friends enjoying some time outside with him.

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