Opportunities for Big Impact

Opportunities for Big Impact

SPCA of Wake County
Charity Navigator 4 Star Rating (the highest rank possible)

Charity Navigator believes ratings nonprofits dramatically improves the quantity and quality of information available to charitable givers/social investors. Charity Navitgator ratings provide clear, objective, and reliable assessments of both the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of charities. By using these ratings, donors can learn how a charity compares on these performance metrics with other charities throughout the country. Donors can be more confident that in supporting those charities rated highly by Charity Navigator, they will be supporting organizations that are more financially healthy, accountable, and transparent.

Since 1967, the SPCA of Wake County has served our community by providing innovative programming, compassionate care and workable solutions for people and pets in need.

As the largest privately-funded animal welfare organization in Wake and surrounding counties, we are on the front lines of advancing the humane treatment of all companion animals. We have a proud legacy of leadership in setting the standard for how pets are treated in our community.

Together, we can create real and lasting change for pets, for people and for our community. It all starts here – with your investment, with our passion, and with a combined vision for a better future. Large gifts can be transformative: they allow us to leap forward in our progress.

Big ideas that change the status quo need champions. And these ideas need visionaries who share the imagination and wisdom to see how these ideas can build a better future. In order to create a community where no adoptable pet is euthanized in area animal shelters, the SPCA of Wake County needs champions and visionaries.

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