Working Cats

About Working Cats

At the SPCA, we know that, just like people, cats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and personalities. While many are suited to a traditional indoor home, there are others who require different arrangements to be happy. We’re not just talking about feral cats, though they are certainly included. We’re also talking about cats who may have troubles consistently using a litter box or have too much energy to be content being confined to the house. Some of these cats can be quite social while others will want little or no contact with people.

We believe there is a suitable home for each of these cats, no matter what their preferences may be. It may not fit the traditional definition of “home” but at the SPCA, whatever your situation, we believe there’s a cat for that.

How do I find the right cat for my situation?

To begin the adoption process, fill out the Working Cat Survey below. Be sure to include information about your situation and your preferences, and an Adoption Specialist will help you choose a cat that suits your needs and provide tips for acclimating them to their new home.

Have you ever said the following...

“I own a small business. It would be so nice to have company in the store when I’m there.”

Well, there's a cat for that.

“The pastor at my church has mentioned that he’d love some company but doesn’t want the cat to come home with him at night. If only it could stay in the office.”

There’s a cat for that.

“The nursery where I buy bird seed can’t seem to keep the mice away. I bet having a cat would help.”

There’s a cat for that.

“I can’t have a cat indoors because of my allergies, but I have a large property off the road where one might be happy.”

There’s a cat for that.

"What is a barn without a barn cat?"

There's a cat for that.