Get Involved

Adopt. Donate. Volunteer.

Animals are the heart of our mission, but PEOPLE are the reason we exist.

The SPCA of Wake County was founded in Raleigh, NC in 1967 by a local concerned citizen who believed the world could be made just a little better. In the years since then, the people who have volunteered their time, the supporters who have invested financially in the SPCA's mission, and the people who have advocated for better treatment of companion animals, have indeed changed this community for the better. You have made the world better in small ways and in profoundly large ways that impact people as well as companion animals.

We humbly invite you to be a part of continuing to create this positive change!

Right now we have dozens of loving pets looking for a home. Consider adopting a pet from the SPCA of Wake County!

We depend on individual donations to save animals and to provide an array of programs and services in the community. Your financial support saves lives -- it's just that simple. Please consider getting involved with a gift of support.

Time is a precious gift and volunteers are absolutely essential to the day-to-day operations at the SPCA of Wake County. Consider an investment of your time with one of our many volunteer opportunities.

Getting involved with the SPCA's mission to create a more humane community can be done in so many ways. Like us on Facebook, retweet one of our tweets, forward an available pet to a friend who might be looking to adopt, share our low-cost spay/neuter clinic information to those who might need it, get five friends together and instead of eating dinner out, sponsor a dog's heartworm treatment ...

The meaningful ways to be engaged are endless and we look forward to having you on the team! We want to make the world a little better, don't you?