Military Benefits

Military and Veteran's Benefits

Special Adoption and Matchmaking Services

We know that veterans and military families often face unique challenges when it comes to housing and needs. Our Adoption Specialists are able to offer special assistance to veterans and military members to help find the right match for their family.

Post-Adoption Behavior Help

If requested, the SPCA can provide 1-on-1 pet behavior services for animals adopted from the SPCA or Wake County. We also have an extensive network of trainers to which we can offer referrals.

Pet food and Supplies

If a military member or veteran suddenly becomes in need of pet supplies or food in order to keep their pet, they can contact the SPCA of Wake County to see if they qualify for our Pet Food Assistance Program.

Volunteer Opportunities

For veterans interested in volunteering, we offer an expedited volunteer process (just write “military” or “veteran” under special skills on application). If you are interested in volunteering, you can apply online.

Pet Re-homing Assistance

When needed, the SPCA can provide resources to deploying military personnel to assist them in the heartbreaking, but sometimes necessary, pet rehoming process.