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The SPCA Pet Adoption Center is now open for public visits! Please note we have recently updated to a new & improved paperless, appointment-based adoption process for your convenience. You can now automatically place a pet on hold — wherever you are — by using our electronic adoption survey.

All of our adoptable small pets can be viewed below. This list is updated every hour, so keep an eye on it to see who's available, and who's adopted!

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Featured Pet: POPTROPICA

Say hello to Poptropica!

Some of Pop’s favorite activities include his daily playtime with his best friend, Delilah the cat. After he’s done getting his zoomies out, he loves to loaf in his favorite corner and take a nice long nap! He’s a super curious bunny who loves to check everything out! He’s pretty good about not messing with things he’s not supposed to be getting into- the one exception being house plants! He loves those and aloe is his favorite. He is also a fan of all fruits and veggies (except for brussels sprouts!), especially big, leafy carrots fresh from the farmers market! After Pop’s all done playing and eating, he’ll cuddle up in your lap for some pets!

Pop has been waiting for a home for over 150 days. See below for more information about adopting Poptropica!