Adopt a Small Pet

The SPCA Pet Adoption Center is now open for public visits! Please note we have recently updated to a new & improved paperless, appointment-based adoption process for your convenience. You can now automatically place a pet on hold — wherever you are — by using our electronic adoption survey.

All of our adoptable small pets can be viewed below. This list is updated every hour, so keep an eye on it to see who's available, and who's adopted!

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Featured Pets: CATALINA & CHANCE

It was meant to be...

Chance and Catalina originally came to us separately, but they took to one another and are now best friends for life.  Catalina likes to poke her nose out of her hidey hut to get nose scratches, and Chance will hop on over to you for attention once he feels comfortable.  They both like pets but would rather keep their furry paws on the floor, if you don't mind.  When it comes to snacks, these two love munching on romaine lettuce, basil, kale, strawberries and bananas, so make sure your fridge stays stocked with their favorites!  They are also quite playful and you will often find them pushing around cat balls and chewing on teething rings.  These two very sweet buns will make wonderful additions to your family!

See below for more information about adopting Catalina & Chance!