Pet Behavior

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The SPCA of Wake County provides free advice or guidance for whatever pet needs or concerns you may have. Whether you need help managing your cat's or dog's behavior or need information on affordable spay/neuter services, veterinary care, or anything else -- we're here for you!

The SPCA’s Pet Behavior Services

The SPCA of Wake County strives to create and support a lifelong bond between pets and their people. We believe in positive, reward-based training that strengthens the human/animal bond and builds trust between people and their pets.

Research shows that behavior issues are among the most common reasons pets are relinquished to animal shelters. We are working to change that. It starts the moment an animal comes through our doors, when we assess each pet’s individual needs in order to provide the behavioral support necessary to get that pet ready for adoption. It continues with our positive, conversation-based adoption process designed to help you find the pet that’s best for your personality, lifestyle and needs. Our support continues even after adoption when we provide follow up, information and resources to help adopters build that lifelong bond with their new pet.

Pet Behavior Problems - Try This First

Pet behavior problems are one of the main reasons pets are relinquished to shelters. We have compiled a library of pet behavior articles we can share with you if a behavioral issue has arisen with your pet -- whether you adopted him or her from our program or not! You might be surprised to learn that some behavior issues can be solved by you in your own home! It just takes some time and patience. If you are experiencing behavior problems with your pet, we encourage you to look through the library (see below). You may find an article that gives you the tools to work through the issue at home, allowing you to keep both your pet and your sanity! If you're having trouble determining if an article may be helpful, please call us at 919-772-2326. We're here to help!

Getting Professional Help

Of course, some behaviors are more complicated and it may be best to consult a professional.

Most pet behavior problems can be addressed with simple, humane intervention that emphasizes relationship building and the human-animal bond. Force-free pet training doesn’t rely on pain, fear, or physical coercion to cause learning. Therefore, pets and people can have a fun with a low-stress experience, working together to build joyful, trusting friendships.

We recommend finding a professional who uses these methods: The Force Free Academy for Canine Trainers helps maintain a database of pet trainers and behavior consultants willing to help SPCA Wake adopters at special discounted rates. If you didn’t adopt from us, never fear! They can help you, too. Click the button above to find help.

*The SPCA collects no membership fees or referral fees from the members of our Pet Behavior Network nor do we receive any portion of the fees paid to them by SPCA adopters. Each animal, situation and training environment involves multiple variables and therefore the SPCA does not guarantee any result through the use of the listed behavior service providers.