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The SPCA Pet Adoption Center is now open for public visits! Please note we have recently updated to a new & improved paperless, appointment-based adoption process for your convenience. You can now automatically place a pet on hold — wherever you are — by using our electronic adoption survey.

All of our adoptable dogs and puppies can be viewed below. This list is updated every hour, so keep an eye on it to see who's available and who's adopted! 


Removing Breed Labels 
Adopting the dog you're interested in, not the dog you think you'll get based on the breeds listed on an information sheet.  Learn more >

Featured Pet: CHAMPAGNE

If you were looking for a new ultra loyal companion then look no further than Champagne!

Champagne does require 100% of your love and affection, she knows she is simply too beautiful to be willing to share the love with any other dogs. The first time you meet Champagne she may not warm up to you right away but don’t let that discourage you, she has proven with staff here that she is more than capable of opening up and wanting all the cuddles and pets her heart desires. The way to her heart? Multiple meetings, respecting her space, and last but certainly not least, HOTDOGS! We have found that hotdogs can help her feel comfortable around new people, as she sometimes has a hard time trusting people she doesn’t know. Once she’s warmed up to you be very prepared for lots of face kisses and to give so many belly rubs. A cool fact about Champagne is that she has been working on muzzle training and she’s gotten pretty good at it! If you would love a playful dog to sunbathe and snuggle with who can be the queen of your castle, set up a meeting with Champagne!

Champagne has been waiting for a home for over 334 days. See below for more information about adopting Champagne!

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