Impact Report & Financial Statements

Since 1967, the SPCA of Wake County has worked with our community by providing innovative programming, compassionate care and workable solutions for people and pets in need. We have a proud legacy of leadership in advancing the humane treatment of companion animals in our community.

Our 2023 lifesaving percentage was 97.1%, which is determined by the 2023 outcome numbers for animals that died or were euthanized by the SPCA of while in the care of our veterinary partners in comparison to total live outcomes. Euthanasia at the SPCA is performed with kindness and dignity to relieve the suffering of animals who, for medical or behavior reasons, cannot be rehomed. Please see our 2023 impact report for further information.

We love showcasing this life-saving work that YOU make possible! YOU are partners with us, so please let us hear your questions and we’ll provide answers.

Platinum Transparency 2023