Cat and Kitten Adoption Event

The SPCA is overrun with kittens and cats!

As summer comes to a close, the heat is still being felt at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County.

The SPCA is being overrun with cats and kittens. To encourage adoptions, the SPCA is offering 50% OFF all kitten and adult cat adoption fees Sept. 30th through October 5th.

The Pet Adoption Center is beyond capacity, meaning the privately-run SPCA is unable to help rescue cats currently at risk of euthanasia at our publicly-run shelter partners across the region.

“As the summer heat continues to bear down, area animal shelters experience a crisis of cats. The sad fact is if you are a cat entering an animal shelter in this area, your chances of leaving alive are less than 55%,” said Kim Flowers, SPCA Adoption Center Director. As the summer heat continues into the fall, the SPCA is continuing to feel a crisis of cats. It is commonly referred to as kitten season -- and June through August are the most brutal months. HOWEVER, since the weather is staying warmer longer, it's continuing into the fall.

“Cats make wonderful companions. Adding one to your family can be especially meaningful during this time of crisis – there is no doubt that the adoption will save a life,” Flowers added.

The reduced adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery, deworming, basic feline vaccines, and a microchip (an estimated value of over $300.00).

For hour and directions to the SPCA Adoption Center, click here >