An Urgent, Last-Minute Rescue

12 puppies, rescued at the last minute

Around 12noon on September 24, the SPCA of Wake County received an urgent plea to rescue a dozen puppies that were about to be euthanized later that afternoon.

The lives of all 12 puppies were going to end that day, simply because they had nowhere to go. But because of your support, their story doesn’t end here — in fact, it’s just beginning.

There is no time to waste. The SPCA worked with a transfer rescue partner to arrange transportation, and the SPCA Animal Care Team jumped into action and got kennel spaces ready.

Upon arrival, it was clear these puppies needed medical attention.

Most of the puppies had severe digestive problems. They were all given 2 dewormers and metronidazole to treat for Coccidia, Giardia, and Hookworms. 4 of the puppies were given fast-acting medicine to kill parasites like flea/tick infestations. One of the puppies was treated with antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection.

These rescues, medical diagnoses, and treatments are costly. Your support is so critical because the SPCA of Wake County is a local, independent, non-profit organization that receives no government funding or tax dollars. We rely entirely on private donations and adoption fees to fund our annual operating budget.

We work locally and we are supported locally. As the largest privately-funded animal welfare organization in the Triangle, the SPCA of Wake County’s potential impact is significant – but nothing is possible without support from people like you, who care about animals.

Thank you in advance for saving these precious lives. It takes resources to care for pets whose lives are at immediate risk. Because of you, these 12 puppies are alive and sleeping quietly tonight!