Keeping Independence Day Fun for the Whole Family

Town firework shows are a popular way to commemorate Independence Day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many towns are canceling their annual Independence Day celebrations and fireworks displays. Without those official festivities, it’s possible that more neighborhoods will hold smaller gatherings to mark America’s independence, bringing fireworks closer to home.

We put together a five-step plan to help pet owners keep their pets safe this holiday weekend.

  • Use social networking sites (like Facebook and Nextdoor) to connect with neighbors about any plans for personal fireworks celebrations. Try to coordinate so displays are limited to a particular day/time (as opposed to families setting them off at various times throughout the weekend).
  • Make sure that your pet is wearing an ID tag so that they can be returned home quickly should they get loose and become lost.
  • If your pet has severe anxiety from fireworks, talk to your veterinarian about medication in advance.
  • Bring pets inside this weekend. Even if you have a fence, the noise from fireworks may scare pets and cause them to run away. For potty breaks, go outside with your dog and keep your him/her on a leash.
  • When you think there will be fireworks, turn on a radio, television, or white noise machine to mask the noise of fireworks as best you can. Give your pet a delicious treat like a Kong filled with treats to keep them busy and distracted from the noise.