In this season of gratitude and gratefulness...

The big meal is finished, we sit back and enjoy the laughter of family and friends; we look forward to the holiday wishes, and reflect on the gratitude for all we have. When we look back at how far we've come in 2018, our gratefulness circles back to you. 

As the season progresses, and the breeze gets colder, we often share this feeling of peace and goodwill. As pet lovers, we often think of our furry companions as family. We believe these gifts are shared by them, regardless if they have a family or not. Because of you, our pets are given the veterinary care, and wellness attention they need to thrive. Your gifts provide them with the warm beds, the gift of good health, and much much more.

Your gifts help pets like Clementine and Willow (pictured here). Because of your generosity and kindness, you helped purchase the medications to help them regain their strength. Things your gifts provide life-saving antibiotics, pain suppressants, anti-inflammatories, flea and tick control, and basic feline and canine vaccines. Your compassionate support helped Clementine and Willow regain their strength and health. We are excited to say, both Clementine and Willow are spending their first holiday season making memories with their families... because of you! 

We thank you, the pet-loving community (near and far) for always keeping homeless pets in your heart. Your kindness, and gifts are felt through the holiday season and continue the whole year around. Your generosity and heart full of compassion is the most precious gift the homeless pets could ask for. Thank you. 

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