Ensuring a Path Back Home

Thousands of pets get lost from their owners in North Carolina every year. Collars can be torn off, and name tags can be lost — but for most of the lucky ones who find their way back home, there’s another identification tool they all have in common.

A microchip is a tiny device, smaller than a grain of rice, that is permanently implanted under a pet’s scruff. This chip acts as a reliable form of identification that stays with the pet for the rest of his or her life.

Pet owners smile knowing that now their dog can always find his way back home.

Each microchip has a unique number or code that’s revealed by a special scanner used by vet clinics  and animal shelters, and that number links to the family’s contact information to facilitate a quick and easy reunion. So when a lost pet turns up at a local shelter, the shelter will immediately learn who owns that pet and how to contact them to share the good news that their pet has been found.

Each and every pet at SPCA Wake is microchipped prior to adoption, but the cost of microchips is prohibitive to many other families. As a result, the majority of pets in our state go without this essential safety net, leaving them vulnerable to being separated from their owners. Not only is this heartbreaking to families who love their pets, but it further contributes to the cycle of pet homelessness and shelter crowding in our state that we continue to battle together.

To close accessibility gaps like this, SPCA Wake’s Community Initiatives team continually works to assess and meet the needs of pets and pet owners throughout North Carolina by implementing programs from pet food assistance and resource sharing with rural shelters, to community-oriented events like our recent $5 Microchip Clinic in November 2021.

At our last public clinic, nearly 200 families from all across the Triangle traveled to Garner and braved a brisk November morning for the opportunity to give their pets permanent paths back home at an affordable price.

Our team provides information about other SPCA resources such as low-cost spay/neuter.

And to the delight of the attendees, our teams shared additional resources and education about SPCA Wake’s other programs that help keep pets and families together, including low-cost spay/neuter services, training & behavior assistance, and compassionate, expert advice for any questions or needs each family may have had.

Your ongoing support is making it possible to bridge gaps and ensure families in our community have access to the resources they need to keep their pets safe and secure.

Our hearts are warmed knowing that you have given each of these families the gift of peace of mind that their best friends and companions will forever have permanent, reliable paths back home should they ever get lost.

Thank you for supporting SPCA Wake and making it possible to keep pets in the arms of the families who love them most.

We are incredibly excited by the positive changes you are creating. With you by our side, we look forward to continuing the expansion of our Community Initiatives programming as we work together to transform North Carolina into a safe place for pets and their families.

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