In times like these, we hope for the best, but for our pets’ sake, it’s important to prepare for the worst. Here are our tips for preparing for your pet's care.


Knowledge is power. There is a lot of important information you'll want to have on hand in case of emergency. We suggest having the following information for your pet:

  • Consider calling your regular veterinarian to see if their hours have changed at all. You may also want to confirm the number they recommend in case of an emergency when they're not open.
  • Be sure your pet is up-to-date on important vaccines and that you have a printed copy of their records.
  • If your pet is microchipped, be sure your contact information is current. You can always call the company the chip is registered with to confirm.

Sometimes you run across pet-related issues and it's not clear who to call. Perhaps your pet is exhibiting a behavior problem or a friend found a litter of kittens. Perhaps a neighbor's dog is missing. That's where the SPCA of Wake County Pet Resource Line will come in handy. SPCA Wake staff can be reached to help you talk out your pet-related questions. Even if we don't provide the service you need, we can provide suggestions of who to call. You can reach us at 919-772-2326. If we don't pick up, don't worry. Staff is probably answering another question. Just leave us a message with your question and phone number, and we'll get back to you!

Physical Resources

Aside from important phone numbers and information, there are some physical resources you should have for your pet.

  • Have an extra bag of your pet's food on hand in case you have trouble getting out when they run low.
  • Have a bag with a leash, bowls, and other necessary supplies in case you need to relocate your pet.
  • If your pet takes any medications, check your supply and make sure you are not running low.

Plan B

Even though we prepare, sometimes things don't go the way we hope they will. Have you thought about who will care for your pet(s) if you fall ill?

What your pet needs is a furry Godparent. A furry Godparent is a friend, neighbor, etc. who has agreed to look after your pet if you can’t. Ordinarily, we’d recommend asking in person because this is such an important request. But given our social distancing efforts, it’s probably best to stick with a phone call (or video call) these days.

Once your pet’s furry Godparent has accepted, sending them a thank you box could be a thoughtful gesture to thank them for what they’ve agreed to do.

Here are a few tips about what to include:

  • Document with important info about your pet [include type and amount of food; medication names and doses (if applicable); allergy info (if applicable); regular veterinarian name and contact info; behavior info (such as no cats, doesn’t like children, etc.)]
  • Gift for Godparent (candy, cute socks, gift card, etc.)
  • Photos of your pet

The following is a video made by the Atlanta Humane Society about assembling a thank you box.