Cat Tales: A Summer Reading Program for Children

The SPCA of Wake County offers a summer reading program for children in grades K through 5. It’s an opportunity to develop confidence in their reading abilities by reading to shelter cats.For one hour every other Thursday this summer, children can sign … Continued

SPCA Puppy Stolen & Returned

This story has a HAPPY ENDING! 2:00pm Monday afternoon the SPCA was open for adoptions like normal. About an hour after we opened we noticed “Rowan” a 2-month-old Labrador Retriever mix puppy was missing from his area. We stopped everything and staff … Continued

THANK YOU- 2016 Dog Walk Sponsors

2016 Dog Walk & Woofstock Sponsors The SPCA wants to support the companies and businesses that support homeless pets. These companies have played a huge role in making the SPCA’s work possible, we could not save the lives we do without … Continued

SPCA Dog Walk T-Shirts Are Here

We hope you’re as excited for the K9-3K Dog Walk & Woofstock as we are! SPCA Dog Walk T-Shirts Are Here The K9-3K Dog Walk & Woofstock T-shirts are in and they look great — even Logan thinks so! You … Continued

Your Dog Wants You to Read This

Countdown to the Largest Dog Event In North Carolina FACT: The SPCA is here to speak on behalf of animals. We know what we’re talking about when we claim your dog wants to attend this event. The K9-3K Dog Walk is … Continued

Adopt a Carolina Mini-Panther

Adopt a Carolina Mini-Panther In the days leading up to the Big Game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, the SPCA of Wake County hopes to pound down the number of homeless pets waiting to be adopted by … Continued

Stories to Warm Your Heart

NEW! Critter Chatter Magazine Winter 2015 (open or download as a PDF) The latest news from the SPCA of Wake County PLUS rescue stories to warm your heart.                           … Continued

We Stand Against Cruelty

  Things are changing. Sometimes change can happen so slowly you don’t recognize it until something really dramatic happens – like some woman from Cary, NC posting on her Facebook page a photograph of her Chocolate Labrador, with a duct-taped … Continued