Dear Friend,

Sometimes success comes faster than you can afford it. I'm writing to you today to explain what I mean and to ask for your help. We at the SPCA set out to save more animals this year than in the same time frame as last year. And we did – 267 more. And the animals are still coming to us in need of rescue, and families are still coming to us in need of low-cost spay/neuter for their pets.

Here's the thing about our work: The animals come to us by thousands in the summer but most of our financial support comes in the winter. Since we rely completely on donations, you can see where the success of saving lives is currently outpacing our ability to afford it.

I am asking for your help today. There are many ways to get involved, I want you to find one that's right for you. Just please take action.

♥ Wish List  – we need cat litter and pet food! Check out our Wish List
♥ Wish List on Amazon  – I updated this list with our most urgent needs and bonus, you don't have to leave your house.
♥ Cash Gifts – we help animals with special food needs so a cash gift will let me work with our staff veterinarian and order what she recommends. Donate online
♥ Facebook Fundraisers – rally your friends for the cause! You can set up a Facebook Fundraiser on your page and make us your charity of choice.

With tremendous gratitude,
Lisa Kroll
Vice President of Operations
(but these days I'm better known as the daughter of Jerry Kroll)

PS: Here's a link to the Wish List home page with tips on how to select the SPCA as the charity recipient for the extra benefit of AmazonSmile dollars!

♥ There are endless ways for you to give back. Find one that’s right for you and get involved today!


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