Urgent Message and Wish List Wishes

Sometimes success comes faster than you can afford it. I’m writing to you today to explain what I mean and to ask for your help. We at the SPCA set out to save more animals this year than in the … Continued

Summer Safety for your pet

As temperatures remain high and summer travel and holiday celebrations approach, there are many things that can cause stress for your pets or pose a danger. Here are some things to keep in mind especially during the week of July … Continued

Hershel, the 2018 SPCA Ambassador

The SPCA is happy to introduce Hershel, the 2018 SPCA Ambassador. “He’s a cartoon.” That’s how Lauren, Hershel’s human, describes him. Spend just a little bit of time with this sweet, goofy boy (or read this blog to get to know … Continued

Guinness World Records Attempt

GO TO THE DOG WALK HOME PAGE » PRESS RELEASE April 9, 2018 Waste Industries, SPCA of Wake County attempt to break GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ Title Animal lovers are invited to join Waste Industries and the SPCA of Wake … Continued

Beasley, the Crooked Cat

 Beasley the cat may look like a sailor who hasn’t figured out his “sea legs” yet or maybe he got into too much cat nip. But all of that wobbly walking has a real scientific name, Cerebellar Hypoplasia. occurs when … Continued