Who needs four legs, anyway?

Ziggy was living on the streets when he was picked up by our transfer partners at Forsyth Humane Society with a badly injured front leg. Without a family to provide care, he desperately needed someone to step up and help.

When Forsyth called SPCA Wake asking for help, we didn’t have to hesitate. We knew that with your support we could provide the emergency care he needed.

Upon Ziggy’s arrival, we quickly realized he was suffering from irreparable nerve damage and would need his leg removed to have a brighter future. Your gifts provided the emergency surgery he badly needed, and now Ziggy is bouncier and sillier than ever!

Because of you, he will no longer fend for his life against traffic or the brutal winter winds. Your generous gift today will provide emergency care for dogs like Ziggy who don’t have a voice or a family of their own.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for offering these pets a second chance when they need it the most.