A Promise to Taro

Taro is 9 years old. We don’t know much about her life, but she is friendly, loves chin scratches, and enjoys being held, so we think she is one of the lucky ones. We think she was loved.

Earlier this month, Taro was surrendered to a local shelter when her human was admitted to a senior living facility. Fortunately, SPCA supporters mean Taro’s story didn’t end there.

Though she needed some medical care for age-related issues, she was transferred to SPCA Wake. As an SPCA pet, we made Taro a promise. We care for her, love her, and cherish her until she finds a family who wants to take over.

Taro is now living with an SPCA Wake foster family, where she can enjoy the comforts of home that she is accustomed to while she waits for a very special family.

Whether or not, you are in a position to adopt, you have a part in Taro’s story. By supporting the SPCA of Wake County, you make it possible for us to promise Taro (and pets just like her) a better tomorrow.

Taro, enjoying life in her foster home