Found Alone on I-40

Today Rose is warm and safe, but just a few weeks ago, Rose was in trouble. Not only was she a short-haired dog roaming about on her own in the winter…she was roaming on I-40! A good Samaritan spotted her and risked his own life to get Rose to safety away from the highway.

No one came forward to claim her, so a local veterinarian contacted the SPCA about helping Rose. Rose spent the following cold nights sleeping on warm, soft blankets at the SPCA’s Pet Adoption Center. Although she was nervous, she loved to sit so close she was leaning on you. She wasn’t sure about toys, but she began experimenting with a few squeaky toys.

Rose was adopted after just two days at the adoption center. She has human siblings so she’ll always have someone to snuggle with. We suspect they’ll continue her education about dog toys. Your support changes lives. Thanks to you, Rose had a second chance to find a family that will cherish and protect her.