Care First Animal Hospital has generously offered to match donations up to $200,000 in veterinary services to treat SPCA animals.

Hershey's initial exam at the SPCA

The SPCA is fortunate to have an exceptional medical team. They’re skilled, observant, and care deeply about the animals they see. Having such a capable team means the SPCA can handle many treatments and procedures in-house. Heartworm disease, upper respiratory infections, skin infections, and intestinal parasites are just a few of the ailments they see on a regular basis. Often the pets that need our help the most have medical needs that exceed our resources and this is why Care First’s generosity is invaluable to their recovery.

When Hershey, a long-haired Chihuahua mix, took a tumble and hit his head, he stopped using his back legs. His foster mom brought him in and the SPCA

veterinarian determined Hershey needed to go offsite for diagnostics.

Hershey, feeling much better

X-rays didn’t reveal any obvious fractures of other spinal problems, so crate rest, pain management, and laser therapy were the next steps. Hershey hurt too much to eat and was also unable to stand long enough to relieve himself, so the veterinary staff intervened when needed and monitored him closely. When Hershey still wasn’t eating or urinating after several days, he was transferred to an emergency vet.

After a few more days, Hershey was eating and urinating on his own. The around-the-clock care Hershey received in those first few days prevented complications from developing and allowed for a speedy recovery.


Calliope at the SPCA

Sometimes, offsite veterinary care actually prevents a pet from needing further procedures. Calliope the cat came from a nearby shelter with a crooked front leg. Staff feared it was from a previous injury and might have to be amputated. Calliope was sent offsite for x-rays and a veterinarian determined she had a congenital deformity as opposed to a fracture that healed on its own. Calliope wasn’t in pain, so the veterinarian decided against amputating the leg. Sometimes, additional veterinary care prevents invasive procedures.

By making a donation during this vet match, you are helping pets like Hershey and Calliope get the care they need and deserve. You are enabling the SPCA to offer second chances to pets that might otherwise not have such an opportunity. Thank you for caring!

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