Rescue Adds Up

Your 2022 Impact Report

The SPCA of Wake County is buzzing with dozens of staff and volunteers each day, working on the front lines and behind the scenes to support pets and families in our community. From fielding urgent calls to comforting new animals and everything in between, each new challenge is tackled with energy, teamwork, and expertise. But we are merely the hands empowered by your compassion and your generosity to effect change — and the 2022 Impact Report below shows just how much you’ve accomplished this past year.

Each number within is a real pet or person who was impacted by your support. Thousands of families and thousands of pets — if we could put them all in a room together for you to see, we would. Through good times and bad, pets give us a reason to smile at the end of the day. They brighten our lives and comfort our souls, and by saving them, we are also building a more compassionate community.

Because of you, our community is closer than ever to where we want to be — a future where pets aren’t left behind, suffering is met with compassion, and families remain whole through hardship.

Thank you for choosing to share love. Thank you for lending a hand. And thank you for being a driving force for good. You are nothing short of awe-inspiring to all of us and everyone you’ve helped along the way.

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