SPCA issues pet safety reminders after puppy found abandoned in freezing temperatures

The SPCA of Wake County would like to remind pet owners the importance of taking care of animals during the winter months and overnight freezing temperatures. Just as freezing temperatures can pose fatal risks for humans, they can be just as dangerous for pets.

Last night (December 29th), an SPCA staff member found an abandoned puppy shivering and alone on our loading dock around 8:30pm. The low for last night was 27 degrees.

Several staffers looked around to see if there may be other puppies from the litter, but none was found. We presume this puppy was dropped off, abandoned without a second thought.
The puppy, now named Donut, appears to be about five weeks old. Had this puppy not been found, she likely would not have survived the night.

"There are many situations in which families simply can no longer keep their pets. We understand that, but there are responsible ways to find a new home for your animal. Leaving a pet to fend for itself in dangerous temperatures is not one of those ways," said SPCA spokeswoman Tara Lynn.

During these cold winter months, the SPCA of Wake County would like to remind people to bring pets inside during cold temperatures. If pet owners insist on keeping their pets outside, they should provide animals shelter. Straw/hay is a better option for insulation than blankets as blankets can become wet and freeze. Make sure outdoor animals have fresh water that is changed often to avoid freezing. Those concerned about the welfare of animals left outside can contact their local Animal Control office.

Donut is currently being fostered by an SPCA staff member until she is able to be spayed and placed for adoption.
Those interested in helping us provide for her and animals like her can make a donation online at SPCAwake.org/donut.

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