Almost every county in NC has its own municipal shelter, funded by its county government, and whose purpose relates to animal control and rabies control. These shelters are set up to take in stray animals and owner surrendered pets from their jurisdictions, and they have to accept any pet that is brought into their doors. But when resources are short and the kennels are full, the shelter can't turn new animals away. As a result, these pets are left at high risk of euthanasia. In 2021, over 35,000 cats and dogs were euthanized in North Carolina shelters.
Our state has one of the highest euthanasia rates in the entire country. For over a decade, we have been establishing partnerships with NC's county shelters, opening our doors to save the lives of pets who are at the highest risk.

Shelter Transfer — How Partnerships are Saving Lives (Part 3/6)

Each year, we take in thousands of pets transferred from our partner shelters in over 50 counties. These pets range from neonatal kittens, pets with traumatic injury or disease, nursing litters, behavioral cases, or simply pets that the shelter can no longer keep due to lack of space. Our goal as a nonprofit rescue is to provide support and meet the needs wherever there are gaps, and YOUR support makes this possible.
We know we need to move forward together to find ways to save the lives of these pets. Every year, we are working hard to expand the number of shelters we partner with and the number of pets we rescue. 

The SPCA Wake team takes in several dogs from our partners at the Moore County Animal Shelter after the shelter suddenly ran out of space due to an overwhelmingly large intake of pets.

SPCA Medical Director Dr. Bledsoe-Nix carefully performs a veterinary assessment on each new pet transferred to SPCA Wake.

Watch the full short video above to hear from Andy Smith, Director of Public Health and shelter manager for Northampton County — like many, a rural shelter with limited space to meet the entire county's pet needs — on how important these partnerships are in saving lives when the shelter fills up.

You'll also hear from SPCA Wake Senior Director of Operations Kim Flowers on SPCA Wake's mission and vision for how your support can help these partnerships can continue to grow and expand in order to save the pets most at risk.

These lifesaving partnerships are only possible thanks to the generous support of animal lovers in our community who donate to SPCA Wake to help fill the gaps between the need and available services.

With your help, we will continue moving toward a future where every pet can find a loving home, and every pet can get the medical or behavioral resources they need to have the healthy and happy life they deserve. The number of pets euthanized in our state is decreasing each year, and by collaborating together as agencies and individuals, we will reach a point where no healthy and adoptable animal has to be euthanized in North Carolina.

Make a donation today to help expand and support programs like these.

SPCA Wake is a 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Each year, your support helps to save the lives of over 4,000 cats, dogs, and small pets through our rescue and adoption program. Our mission is to create a humane community for pets and people, to end the euthanasia of adoptable pets, and to change the hearts and minds of people across North Carolina.