In North Carolina, animal shelters are overwhelmed by the sheer number of pets without homes, and as a result, thousands of cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters each year. In the face of uncontrolled breeding of unsterilized animals, a simple solution of prevention can make a massive difference to saving the lives of shelter pets — affordable spay & neuter.

The Spay & Neuter Solution — Saving Lives Clinic (Part 2/6)

Since its founding in 2009, the nonpforit Saving Lives Spay/Neuter Clinic has performed over 66,000 low-cost surgeries for pets from all over the state. That's an estimated 445,000 pet births prevented — animals that would have otherwise flooded North Carolina's animal shelters.

And not only does spay/neuter help reduce pet overpopulation, but each pet sterilized is set up to have a healthier life overall. Sterilized pets are significantly less likely to develop common reproductive cancers later in life, and they're less likely to run away from home and be injured by traffic or wild animals while roaming in search of a mate.

At the end of the day, spay and neuter is one of the single most impactful steps we can take to save lives and improve animal welfare.

Saving Lives Spay/Neuter Clinic staff cuddles a young puppy who is about to be neutered ahead of his adoption day. Thanks to your support, he is being set up for a healthier life, and he won't be contributing to the already overwhelming number of pets in our state.

SPCA Medical Director and spay/neuter surgeon Dr. Bledsoe-Nix performs dozens of spay/neuter surgeries every day at a significantly reduced cost to pet owners. 

Watch the full short video above to hear from SPCA Wake Medical Director and spay/neuter surgeon Dr. Jennifer Bledsoe-Nix on how it feels to be able to provide this service to our community thanks to your generous support. These are just a few of the countless pets and families helped through your support of these important programs.

This nonprofit clinic is only possible because of donations and support from our community. By donating, you are not only helping unowned pets, you are helping to prevent the births of hundreds of thousands more, moving us forward together to a future where unowned pets can get the help they need, and animal shelters no longer have to euthanize animals due to overcrowding.

Make a donation today to help expand and support programs like these.

SPCA Wake is a 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Each year, your support helps to save the lives of over 4,000 cats, dogs, and small pets through our rescue and adoption program. Our mission is to create a humane community for pets and people, to end the euthanasia of adoptable pets, and to change the hearts and minds of people across North Carolina.