Legacy and Planned Giving

Legacy Giving

Your planned gift to the SPCA of Wake County will have meaning and impact for generations to come. Legacy giving does not require a large income or big estate. Legacy giving only requires a thoughtful intention to make a difference by identifying a charitable organization in your will or estate plan.

We would be glad to discuss any planned giving option with you – in confidence and without obligation. You can also use our gift planner, which can help you see the most common gift types based on your age, your assets, and your potential giving amount. Click here to review your possibilities.

Mondy Lamb
VP of Philanthropy

The SPCA's Animal Legacy Society of North Carolina

Planned gifts, which are donations made through your long-term estate or financial plans, allow you to contribute to a cause you care deeply about while considering your needs and tax-planning strategies. When planning your gift, the following is essential information to share with your attorney:

Legal name:
SPCA of Wake County, Inc
Federal Tax ID#: 56-0891732

200 Petfinder Lane, Raleigh, NC 27603
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

By making a planned gift, whether through a will or by designating the SPCA of Wake County as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you are eligible to become part of the growing number of people that are becoming members of our Legacy Society, the Animal Legacy Society of North Carolina. Click here - Join the Animal Legacy Society of North Carolina - to complete our notification form.

For those members that have concerns about the welfare of your pets should they survive you, the SPCA of Wake County has started a new program called Peace of Mind. This program allows legacy society members to have arrangements made for the SPCA of Wake County to take their pets into our care with the goal of adopting these animals out to new, loving homes.

To learn about what planned gift works best for you based on your potential giving amount, age and/or assets, go to our legacy giving page>

Gifts of Stock

Donating stocks, bonds or mutual funds to the SPCA of Wake County is quick and easy. We work closely with First Citizens Bank to receive and sell your transferred securities. We put the proceeds of the sale to work saving animals and issue you a letter that serves as a receipt of your tax-deductible gift.

Click the following link for instructions on donating securities to the SPCA of Wake County - Downloadable SPCA Stock Gift Instructions >

IRA Distribution - Qualified Charitable Distribution

At the end and beginning of the calendar year, some of our long time donors ask us if they can make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) to us from their individual retirement account (IRA). However, while a QCD is not a tax-deductible donation, it is a distribution that counts towards satisfying your required minimum distribution so long as certain rules are met. A QCD excludes the amount donated from taxable income, which is unlike regular withdrawals from an IRA. When you keep your taxable income lower, this may reduce the impact to certain tax credits and deductions, including Social Security and Medicare. For a qualified charitable distribution to count towards this year's required minimum distribution, the funds must come out of your IRA deadline, which is generally December 31. Please contact Mondy at plannedgiving@spcawake.org to see if you meet the requirements for making a qualified charitable distribution.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs)

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are becoming an increasingly popular way to provide financial support the causes about which donors are most passionate. The likely effect of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act is that this trend will continue. While a DAF separates the tax decision from the giving decision, the SPCA of Wake County is still here to help assist you with the impact of your giving decision. Click here to learn more on how to give to the SPCA through your donor-advised fund, including a direct link to give!