Peace of Mind Program


SPCA of Wake County’s Peace of Mind Program


Most of us expect to outlive our animal companions. But what if your pets survive you? Our pets have given us so much: unconditional love, joy, comfort, and unfailing friendship. Preparing for their safety and security in the event of our absence is the final, but perhaps most significant, act of this lifelong friendship.

Regardless of whether your beloved companion is a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or other pet, the SPCA of Wake County (“SPCA”) can help you plan for his or her welfare should he/she outlive you. In North Carolina, as in most states, you cannot leave money directly to your pets. However, with SPCA’s unique Peace of Mind Program, you can make provisions for the care and adoption of your surviving pets through your will or other estate documents.

By enrolling in the Peace of Mind program and making a planned gift to the SPCA you have our promise to immediately receive, care for, and place into new homes any of your surviving pets. Your pets depend on you to meet their needs and the SPCA promises to be there for them when you no longer can to provide the comfort, care, and compassion all pets should receive.

For those interested in the program, we have provided the notification form for our Animal Legacy Society of North Carolina as well as a pet bio form. Please fill out one form for EACH pet you wish to enroll. There is no set amount for the planned gift in order for your pets to become eligible. Please consult with your attorney and/or financial advisor as this program is not a pet trust. The goal of the program is for us to place your animals for adoption and, with the information you provide, find a suitable and loving home for these animals.