Adopt from Us!


If you’re looking for a new furry family member, you’ve come to the right place! Here at the SPCA of Wake County, we specialize in making great matches between people and pets – ensuring a lifetime home for our amazing animals and a lifetime of love for you and your family.

Before You Fall in Love

Thinking about adding a new pet to your home is exciting, fun – and a big decision. Here are a few questions to think about before you adopt:

1-Have I talked about adopting a new pet with everyone in my household? Here are some things to consider.
2-Do I have the financial resources to properly care for a pet?
3-Are there any restrictions on the kind or number of pets I can have where I live?
4-Please be at least 18 years old and prepared to show a current photo ID.

Come see us!

We can’t wait for you to visit us at our adoption center! All of our adoptable pets can be viewed by clicking on the images below (or on the left hand menu) but there’s nothing like a face to face meeting to get the ball rolling. Our animals are amazing and visiting with them in person will give you a true picture of their personality. (And they’re kind of interviewing you too, right?)


More about your visit

Our adoption process was specifically designed to help us find the best possible pet match for you and your lifestyle and help ensure a lifelong bond between you and your new furry family member.

  1. When you arrive, we’ll ask you to complete a short adoption survey to give us a head start on the matchmaking process. If you want, you can download the survey ahead of time, fill it out and bring it with you:
  2. Take a stroll through our adoption gallery to see pets available for adoption. (We double-dog dare you not to fall in love.)
  3. The SPCA has wonderful staff and volunteer Matchmakers ready to help when you see a potential pet you’d like to meet. They will arrange your individual visit with each pet, tell you more about his or her personality and answer any questions you may have.
  4. Once you’ve selected a potential new pet (or they’ve selected you), you’ll visit with one of our very knowledgeable Adoption Counselors, review the arrangements you’ve made for your new pet and review his or her medical history, current vaccinations, microchip, spay/neuter surgery and behavioral needs. This is a great time to ask about training, veterinary care, proper nutrition, grooming or anything else you’d like to know. You are also welcome to meet with an Adoption Counselor prior to choosing a pet to adopt to discuss recommended matches!
  5.  Your last stop is our retail store, where you’ll pay the adoption fee for your new pet. But before you sidle up to the counter, why not go ahead and purchase a personalized tag, collar, leash, litter box, toys and other supplies your new four-legged friend will need? We offer great pricing (even better than the big box stores) and the proceeds go directly to help us care for the pets still waiting for their forever homes! (Dogs must leave on a collar and leash and cats must leave in a cat carrier.)

–Please note the adoption process will take from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Be sure to arrive at least an hour prior to closing so we have time to assist you (don’t wait, come on down!). All adoptions are facilitated on a first come, first served basis.


Adoption Fees & What’s Included

  • Adult Dog Adoption Fees (7 months and older): $95.00
  • Puppy Adoption Fees (6 months and younger): $150.00
  • Adult Cat Adoption Fees (7 months and older): $45.00
  • Kitten Adoption Fees (6 months and younger): $65.00
  • Bunny Adoption Fee: $35.00
  • Guinea Pig Adoption Fee: $15.00


Download The Post Adoption Information Handouts (PDF’s)

Download these insightful packets filled with detailed information about what to expect when you take your new pet home ( suggestions, health and safety tips, behavioral information and much more).


Post Adoption Resources

Is your new pet having issues adjusting to its new life? We are here to help. We want to do what we can to make your transition into pet-parenthood as smooth and successful as possible. Coming Soon: We will have online resources available to help address pet behavior concerns!

The SPCA also has an on-site Animal Behavior Team that can help address concerns. Click here to learn more about consultations and to schedule a meeting.

Whether you adopted from the SPCA or not (although we’re really hoping you did), the SPCA’s Animal Behavior Specialist is available for individual consultations to help you through any complex behavior issues your pet may be experiencing. Working with you and your pet individually, we will try to provide helpful insight into your pet’s behavior and develop a behavior modification/training plan that works toward lasting solutions.

Consultations at the SPCA       $40
In-home consultations            $60

All proceeds support essential behavior programs for the pets in our care.