Two Kittens Found Broken and Trembling

Give pets like Wilfred and Slim Jim hope for a better life.

For many animals suffering now, you and the SPCA are their only hope. It takes resources to care for animals like Wilfred and Slim Jim. Your support will truly make a difference today. This is what you make possible when you give to the SPCA of Wake County.

We are so grateful for you! I had to share this dramatic, recent rescue story to let you know how important you are to the lifesaving work we do here every day.

These two kittens (pictured above) were found freezing in the blustering wind and cold last weekend. Each kitten had a severely broken leg – so broken their photos are hard to look at.

The fearful look in their eyes revealed the pain of their injuries. Their tiny cries begged for help. I think one of the worst feelings a person can have is being unable to help when faced with horrible suffering like this.

But thanks to YOU, we were able to help! Because of you, these two kittens received the urgent care they need to thrive. All pets deserve to live happy lives – free from pain and fear. It is with gratitude for all the work you make possible that I am asking you to continue your support. Will you make a gift now to help pets like Wilfred and Slim Jim.

Your support will truly make a difference today. Happy rescue stories like these are what you make possible when you give to SPCA Wake.

Did you know? This year, over 4,000 homeless pets will come through our doors! We rely on donations to fund all our lifesaving programs. We do not receive funding from the ASPCA located in New York City. Donations given to us stay in our community, helping local pets and families in need.

WARNING: The following images contain imagery that certain people may find disturbing

Video of Slim Jim the kitten, after his surgery.