Social Media

Q: Can I adopt the pet I saw in an SPCA social media post?

A: Thank you for choosing to adopt! The SPCA uses social media channels to show supporters the amazing work being done in our community right here and now. Many times the posts are about "breaking news" or "behind the scenes." Which means the pet may not be available right that day, and in some case are being processed and entered into our computer database at that moment (which means, hold tight - we're still naming them)!

It's possible that when you call, our front-desk team may not be able to pinpoint the exact pet, or place them on hold, until the pet is entered into our system-wide database. We thank you for your patience. 

We frequently post puppies/kittens that aren’t yet ready for adoption. The good news is you can begin the adoption process even before a pet is ready to go home. To do that, you will need to come to the pet adoption center and speak to an adoption specialist. Your information stays on file for 6 months. If you have a specific pet in mind, let the adoption specialist know.

If it’s possible to identify that pet (and you’re the first person to inquire about them), the adoption specialist can put the pet on hold for you so you’ll be contacted when the pet becomes available. (Please note, it is not always possible to identify a specific puppy/kitten from a photo…think 4 black puppies or 4 brown tabby kittens and you like the third from the left.)

Help us help you! 

If you call about a specific pet you're interested in adopting, and you found the pet on the website, please note the pet's ID# (it starts with an A followed by six digits). If you do not know the pet's ID# (or the pet is not listed on the website), we ask to please be patient with our team as we try to identify the pet for you.

Adoption Fees
  • Adult Dog Adoption Fees (7 months and older): $95.00
  • Puppy Adoption Fees (6 months and younger): $250.00
  • Adult Cat Adoption Fees (7 months and older): $45.00
  • Kitten Adoption Fees (6 months and younger): $150.00
  • Bunny Adoption Fee: $35.00
  • Guinea Pig Adoption Fee: $15.00
Adoption Hours

We recently updated our adoption process to a new and improved, paperless, appointment-based process for your convenience. Click to learn more. 

Our Pet Adoption Center is open for public visits during the following hours:

Monday: 11am - 6pm
Tuesday: 11am - 6pm
Wednesday: 11am - 6pm
Thursday: 11am - 6pm
Friday: 11am - 6pm
Saturday: 11am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Phone: 919-772-2326
Fax: 919-772-2482

200 Petfinder Lane, Raleigh, NC 27603
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