Kina, rescued and adopted in October 2019

Before we rush off to begin important 2020 plans, we want to take a minute to celebrate the successes of 2019.

Last year, SPCA Wake took in almost 4,300 pets. Of those, almost 3,300 were brought in from other rescues and shelters. For comparison, that’s an increase of more than 400 pets from 2018. We also saw a record-breaking 4,163 adoptions. That’s 591 more adoptions than in 2018.

Thanks to our supporters, previously neglected pets are now spoiled with treats and attention. Pets that were abandoned are now cherished family members. We think those are numbers worth celebrating.

So, SPCA supporters, do a celebration dance and go hug your pets (if they like that). Tell them you support the SPCA so more pets in need can have a good life just like theirs.

These three kittens are just a few of the felines that were adopted in 2019.

Casper, rescued from a hoarding situation in 2019, is now living in a loving home.