Microchip & Vaccine Clinic Registration


Upcoming Clinic Information


  • Fill out your contact information below, and select a time and date (if you have multiple pets, you will need to fill out a new form, and select a specific date and time for each pet).
  • Packages available for purchase during registration:
    • The Works - $10.00:
      • Microchip (Home Again)
      • Rabies 1-year or 3-year vaccine (proof of previous vaccination required for 3-year)
      • FVRCP 1 year (cats) or DAPP 1 year (dogs)
    • À la Carte Options :
      • FVRCP 1 year (cats) - FREE thanks to a grant from Petco Love
      • DAPP 1 year (dogs) - FREE thanks to a grant from Petco Love
      • Microchip (Home Again) - $5.00
      • Rabies 1-year vaccine - $5.00
      • Rabies 3-years vaccine - $5.00
  • This event is for owned pets only. Limit four pets per adult handler.  If you schedule more than four pets, please bring multiple adult handlers.  This is for the safety of everyone involved!
  • Pets must be at least 4 months of age to receive a Rabies vaccine.
  • Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to receive a microchip, DA2PP, and FVRCP vaccines.
  • To get a 3-year Rabies vaccine, you must submit your pet's last Rabies Certificate for review. The due date of previous rabies vaccine must be between mid-August 2023 and mid-February 2024 to qualify for a 3-year rabies vaccine. Only revaccinations due between mid August 2023 and mid February 2024 will be approved.
  • All fees are a donation to SPCA Wake and are non-refundable.
  • If a pet becomes unmanageable, fractious, or too aggressive, the microchip implantation process will need to be stopped for the safety of the veterinary team.
  • Once your appointment time is confirmed, please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early (as parking is limited).
  • Cats must be in a carrier and dogs on a leash and collar/harness.
  • It is very important to SPCA Wake that our programs are accessible to everyone. By knowing who SPCA Wake currently serves, our organization can provide better support to all people in our community now and in the future. None of the answers provided in the demographic section below will impact your ability to participate in this clinic. Your answers will only help SPCA Wake make sure that our services are reaching our entire community. Thank you for your incredible assistance in making our programs available to all! And thank you to Candid and CHANGE Philanthropy for providing the basis for these survey questions.


FREE 1-year FVRCP and DAPP vaccines made possible by a grant from: