When Toby arrived at the SPCA, he was given fresh dog food, clean water, and a warm, comfy place to sleep. As it turned out, what he needed most was a haircut.

Toby’s long fur was so tangled, the knots couldn’t be combed out. Staff realized he must have been incredibly uncomfortable. Severely knotted fur can pinch the skin and even cause irritations that are only revealed once the hair has been clipped away. A staff member got to work shaving Toby’s knotted hair. His coat was so matted the hair from his body and thighs came off in one piece. She had to cut it apart into sections to make it easier for Toby.

Despite the discomfort, Toby was a gentleman the whole time. He stayed still throughout the process. Toby’s head and tail were in better shape and staff was able to comb through the tangles, leaving the hair long and leaving Toby looking a bit like a tiny, adorable lion. When his grooming was done, he would lean into your hand when you pet him, as if the attention now felt so good he had to get closer.

Karl before grooming began

Karl the cat is another recent example of how a good haircut can make a world of difference. Karl is 16 years old. A cat his age may already have aches and pains associated with arthritis. Matted fur pulling at his skin shouldn’t add to their discomfort, but Karl arrived at the SPCA with multiple mats around his neck and back. Karl stayed calm and collected as volunteers shaved the most matted sections of his coat.

Food, water, and love are given to every pet who comes through our doors. For pets who need more, we can offer things like comforting Thundershirts, social playdates, and, yes, even haircuts.

Toby after his grooming was completed





Karl in the middle of grooming
Look at all that hair! Volunteers said Karl was a gentleman throughout the whole grooming session.
Karl has the most beautiful eyes and a wonderful smile.

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