Gabe was found abandoned with a logging chain around his neck. With no family in sight, animal control brought him to their local shelter, and he was later transferred to the SPCA of Wake County. Gabe was underweight and dirty, with areas of thin and missing fur. To top it all off, he tested positive for heartworm disease.

A few days after his arrival, staff found Gabe coughing up blood. He had even coughed up a few heartworms that staff found on the floor of his kennel. He was rushed to an offsite vet. After radiographs, fluids, medications, and a few days at the vet, Gabe was much improved and able to come back to SPCA Wake.

Today, Gabe is about half-way through his heartworm treatments. He loves to cuddle and play in the kiddie pool. He also loves tennis balls. Your support is the reason Gabe is enjoying life and the reason he’ll get a serious collar upgrade with a new family. Thank you for changing another life!