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Sensational Sidekicks

Behind every good superhero is a trusty sidekick. Sidekicks are always in the right place at the right time to help the hero save the day, but they never get credit for it. At the SPCA, we feel they’re a little underestimated. You are the hero of your own story, and we’d like to suggest adding a furry sidekick to your life.

What is a sensational sidekick?

SPCA sidekicks are pets who have been overlooked for more than 30 days. While these pets probably won’t help you catch the bad guy or save the world, they’ll be there to help you win the battles in your daily life. They’ll listen to your stories about the evil villain that is your boss. You’ll always feel like you made a grand entrance when they come running to greet you. They’ll recognize your superpower in summoning the red laser dot or being the keeper of the tennis balls. Here are a few Sensational SPCA Sidekicks that aren’t getting any credit for their skills.

Meet the sidekicks



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April likes her routine. She’s the sort of sidekick that will happily greet you at the door and help you unwind after a busy day, but she’d rather not go with you on your most exciting adventures.

She LOVES other dogs, so she’d be happy to share sidekick duties. She takes a little bit of time to come out of her shell, but she’s worth the wait.

April eats special food and is taking medication to keep her feeling her best. An adoption specialist can give you all the details.

As of February 15, 2019, April has been with the SPCA for 211 days. 


Grayson and Butters would love to be low-maintenance outdoor cats for you. All they ask for is food, water, shelter, and a safe place to sleep.

They are the perfect sidekick pair for the superhero who doesn’t want a lot of nagging from his/her sidekick. They prefer to keep their distance from humans, so no worries about unsolicited advice from them.

Grayson and Butters are feral and would love a barn home or similar situation.

As of February 15, 2019, Grayson & Butters have been with the SPCA for 292 days. Their adoption fee is waived.

Sweet Pea and Tillie would love to help a superhero wind down at the end of a long day saving the world. They don’t care to be picked up, but they do love attention and hopping around together.

They love their fruits and veggies. Perhaps they’ll help their hero eat healthier because of all the greens you’ll keep on-hand for them!

They are living in a foster home. Please speak with an adoption specialist about meeting them.

As of February 15, 2019, Sweet Pea and Tillie have been with the SPCA for 318 days.

You know what they say: two sidekicks are better than one! Ok, so maybe not many people say that, but they should! Julius and Zorro love two things: playtime and each other. Their foster parent says, “When these two aren’t chasing a jingle ball or running after a laser, they can be found in a cuddle puddle grooming each other.”

To be added to the list of things they love, you’ll just need a little time and patience. These kittens can be shy at first, but sitting and watching them play is a great way to help them adjust and will provide you with endless laughs!

As of February 12, 2019, Julius and Zorro have been with the SPCA for 139 days. 

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Naya could use a little good luck. She was less than thrilled when her family had a baby. Now she’s looking for a home where she can be pampered and doted on. Her previous family said she was affectionate and enjoys snuggling in warm blankets, birdwatching, and sitting in laps.

Naya does have a sophisticated medical history, but an SPCA adoption specialist can tell you all about her.

As of February 15, 2019, Naya has been with the SPCA for 543 days.