Super Saturday: How We Saved Eight Cats and a Possum in Three Hours

Super Saturday: How We Saved Eight Cats and a Possum in Three Hours

Summer is often a time of year when we see fewer donations. Families are busy planning vacations and activities for the kids. No one told the pets about this trend and they don’t slow down just because the donations do.

On July 22nd, the SPCA took in eight unexpected cats and sent an opossum to a wildlife rehabber…all within three hours.

A volunteer was taking an SPCA dog for a walk when she heard tiny meows coming from the SPCA’s storage shed. Further investigation revealed three small kittens and their mother playing underneath. The mother and two of the kittens were easily caught and brought inside, out of the summer heat. (The third kitten evaded volunteers that day, but was caught two days later.)

Around the same time volunteers were catching kittens by the shed, a staff member received a phone call from a woman the SPCA has been helping to spay/neuter the cats in her barn. She moved a bale of hay and found five kittens! The staff member drove to the farm, put the young kittens in a carrier, and drove them to the SPCA.

They were infested with fleas.  Staff and volunteers jumped in quickly to help. One at a time, each kitten received some SPCA TLC. One person bathed them while another picked fleas out of their fur. Then one person dried the kitten and another syringe fed them kitten formula after their baths.

As the kittens were being bathed and fed, someone found a young opossum on the SPCA’s front patio. Volunteers started calling around and made arrangements for a wildlife rehabber to pick up the opossum.

In addition to saving kittens and an opossum, our team sent home 57 pets to their forever home over the weekend! Talk about SUPER!

Summer is one of our busiest times of life-saving work, but often the time of year where we see fewer donations.  Your donations are crucial to helping us through the summer.  Consider giving a life-saving gift today online.

If you would like to make a donation to help us continue this life-saving work, click here.

These kittens were found at a barn after the owner moved a bale of hay!
A flea-infested kitten gets a much-needed bath.


A volunteer picks fleas off this kitten.
Warm and dry after a bath
This kitten was found playing beneath the SPCA’s storage shed with her mother and two siblings.
Thanks to efforts by SPCA volunteers, a wildlife rehabber picked up this opossum found on the SPCA’s front patio.
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9 Responses to “Super Saturday: How We Saved Eight Cats and a Possum in Three Hours”

  1. Deyne Hamilton

    What a wonderful job SPCA !!!!! That is some serious rescue work !!!!

  2. Pat Allen

    Thanks for your wonderful work! What a blessing❤??❤

  3. Michelle Kato

    From the bottom of my HEART, thank YOU for ALL that you do to help animals in need. As a society, we should be ashamed of how animals get treated…. all they want is unconditional love and in return this is how we treat them? I’d like to think there’s a special place (somewhere pretty darn HOT) waiting for folks who are cruel to animals…. they may not get it in our lifetime but they will eventually get what they deserve !! GOD BLESS WAKE COUNTY ASPCA !!!!!

  4. Amy Pritchard Scalia

    Oh what darlings! My grown tom might need a new friend!

  5. Veronica Noechel

    Adorable photos of an intensely busy day! The opossum is so cute. I’m glad he got some help from one of the excellent wildlife rehabilitation groups in the area. I used to be a licensed rehabber until a painful, genetic disease womped me and forced me to quit. It’s extremely hard work, but also incredibly rewarding when your charge would grow big enough and strong enough to “graduate” back into the wild. Always a lot of tears of happiness and a few sad ones because we’d have to say goodbye.

    Thank you to everyone at the SPCA. You do so much for so many!

  6. Michelle

    Such an inspiring story! So proud of SPCA for being part of such a great rescue effort.

  7. Lorraine Magnuson

    Y’all are great! It’s so good to read such wonderful news this week. I decided this year to make an automatic monthly contribution to you and I feel very good about that. I’d certainly rather give it to an outstanding local SPCA than to the national ASPCA, which is so distant. Keep up the good work!

    • Tara Lynn

      Thank you Lorraine! Your monthly gift means so much! The ASPCA is actually based in New York and is not an umbrella organization for all SPCA’s. We don’t receive any funding from them so when you donate directly to us, your money goes to pets right here in your community!

  8. Cindy Rice

    Bless the work you do everyday!! God put you here to do just this! You are the hands and feet of God! Bless those who protect helpless animals!


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