Penny’s Puppies: Mother dog births puppies on Thanksgiving

Penny’s Puppies – one day old

Talk about being thankful! The SPCA of Wake County took in Penny the day before Thanksgiving from a local shelter partner. She was clearly pregnant, but we weren’t quite sure how far along she was. We found out Thanksgiving day! Penny gave birth to five puppies, three boys and two girls. Each weighed about a pound.

Penny was initially found as a stray dog. Imagine if she had to give birth to her puppies in the woods or the side of the road? We are thankful for the family that found her and brought her to a local shelter and for our partnership with the shelter to take her into our care. She was able to have a safe place to give birth and give her pups the best chance of survival.

Penny and her puppies are now resting and growing in a foster home where they will stay for several weeks until the puppies are old enough for spay/neuter surgery. Your financial support helps provide food, vaccines, medical care and spay/neuter services to Penny and her five puppies. It also helps maintain our Foster Care program where we currently have more than 120 animals. Foster homes offer a quiet home for animals that may become too stressed in a shelter environment. Foster families also provide care for pets who may need on-going medical care before being adopted and that also opens up space in the Adoption Center for healthy animals ready for adoption right now. If you are interested in learning more about the SPCA’s Foster Program, click here.

Penny has a skin condition that has caused some hair loss. We are currently treating her with prescription medication and she receives medicated baths a few times a week.

Scroll down to see more images of Penny and her puppies as well as video.

Penny was named for her love of tennis (Penn is a brand of tennis balls). What should we name her puppies?

Penny Puppies

The SPCA of Wake County is an independent non-profit. We do not receive funding from tax dollars nor are we associated with the ASPCA (an independent shelter in New York). By giving a gift to the SPCA of Wake County, your money helps animals in our community. Learn more about how we help transform the lives of pets and people here.

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7 Responses to “Penny’s Puppies: Mother dog births puppies on Thanksgiving”

  1. joy carpenter


  2. Shannon Foreman

    Thank you for saving Penny and her adorable babies!

  3. Colleen

    They’re Adorable ~ I need to adopt but need a small fur baby that likes cats.

  4. Dave

    Look out… they’ll lick you to death!

  5. Alissa Berkey

    Oh my goodness! The cuteness is too much to handle. Penny is beautiful and her little ones are equally so. Thanks to every human who helped her be safe. I hope she and her pups find the best forever homes that they deserve!

  6. Richard

    I played that video of the puppies and when my other female dogs heard it they all came running into the room. Must be that motherly instinct.

  7. Pepper

    I would like our home to be considered for a forever home to the black-eyed pup if you think it could be a sibling to our adult cats, who are extremely good natured and friendly.


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