If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Does my donation really matter?” we want you to know that it absolutely does. Actually, we don’t just want you to know it, we need you to know it. We need you to know that your support is the reason thousands of pets are in safe and loving homes this year. Thousands of pets might be difficult to imagine. It might be a bit easier to understand if Gizmo, a scruffy dog with scars on his neck, tells you his story.

Hi everyone, I'm Gizmo.

I was down on my luck before the SPCA took me in. I had scars from what people think was an embedded collar. That's when somebody leaves collar on an animal and either puts it on too tightly or the animal grows and skin starts to grow around the collar. It's not fun. Phew. Glad that's behind me. When I arrived at the SPCA, there were a lot of people who told me I was a "good boy." They gave me belly rubs and told me I was going to be okay.  They ran some tests and said I had heartworm disease. I didn't understand at the time, but that meant more medical care and supervision to make sure I was treated and healthy. (I also now know those worms weren't shaped like hearts, but in my heart!)

The volunteers kept telling me that I'd find a new home. They said it would happen when I least expected it. I didn't really believe them, but after a couple of weeks, I saw her. One day a volunteer walked me up to a room with a human inside. She looked nice. She looked like she could be mine. The volunteer opened the door and I walked right up to that wonderful human sitting on the floor. I got right in her lap and wagged my tail and gave her puppy kisses like we'd been friends forever. I wanted her to know that I would adopt her to be my human. She seemed to understand and we went home together that day.

Now I have a canine sister who was also adopted from the SPCA. We are good friends and she likes having a brother.

I don't understand the finer points of what it took for me to be adopted, but my mom tells me it took more than just her. She says there were lots of people who helped me by supporting the SPCA or volunteering. My happy ending might not have been so happy without all of the people who support the SPCA. You are the reason I no longer have heartworms. You are the reason I had the chance to choose the perfect human for me.

This holiday I have a home for the holidays. If you start to wonder if your donation makes a difference, remember me. I am safe, happy, and healthy and I have you to thank for it. You can help other homeless pets find their home for the holidays with a gift online.

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