Finding your best friend is magical.  But it doesn't always happen the way you expect.  Or it may not always be the type of person or pet you thought you would connect with.  Rebekah came to the SPCA of Wake County searching for a best friend in April.  She left with a dog she would have never expected at first to be her "type," but our staff and volunteers listened to what type of dog she was looking for and helped connect them.  Rebekah left the following post on our Facebook page and we couldn't have said it better.


It's been a little over a month since I adopted my new best friend and I'm so in love. When I went to the SPCA, I visited a few different dogs and was told by the staff to go visit one in particular named Joanie.

I'll admit, when I first saw Joanie through the window I thought, "Well, I was looking for something larger (bear-sized) and a fluff monster, but she seems nice and I'm happy to share some love."

I went inside, knelt down, and she sat on top of me as if that were her spot all along. I sat there for a little while with Joanie laying down on my lap. I realized I couldn't leave her. It was like, to leave her wasn't even an option.

I found out that she was rescued from the Wake County Animal Shelter. Having been there previously, I imagine that her face would fall into the other countless faces of pit bulls that are found and surrendered after they're no longer "useful." Joanie has some fur discoloration from scars that were healed over on her neck and back. She was a mom of many puppies, too. Whoever had her before wanted her to look mean and tough by cutting her ears, but there she was, this short muscular dog, falling asleep on my lap.

She had been passed up at the [county] shelter for a month and then again for two months at the SPCA. Surely, it was not for her temperament or her manners. I imagine most people saw her as I first did and thought that she wasn't the one they were looking for. I'm ashamed to admit to that now.

I got the full package when it comes to a dog. She's house-trained, loves my cats, doesn't scratch at the door, is incredibly hospitable (this is no guard dog haha), I can take her to work and she won't make a peep.  She loves sleeping during car rides.  She plays well with other dogs. She loves hiking and climbing rocks and she's the biggest cuddle monster I've ever met. I'm not sure if I'll ever have to formally board her because I have offers from everyone I've met to take her while I'm out of town and that's all to do with her. I just try and make sure she's healthy and give her as much love as I can. She's amazing.

To anyone who has read this far, I hope you go to the SPCA of Wake County and ask about the dog that is right for you, not by look or age, but by heart. Joanie (now Mira Joan) was not the dog I was looking for, but she remains the dog I'm not leaving behind.

A big thank you for Hailey at the desk who helped me with paperwork and settled my nerves (I was worried Mira wouldn't like me because I wanted the best for her and I honestly didn't know if I would measure up!). Other thanks to Becky who was the one to say I *had* to go see Joanie before I left. And a big big final thanks to Neph who went beyond the call of duty to answer questions and help me settle Mira at her new home. I can't thank everyone enough. There is no price on being united with a best friend.

-Rebekah C.

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