This Saturday is the nationwide effort to Clear the Shelters!  Saturday, August 19th, adoption fees at the SPCA of Wake County and other participating shelters will be waived! We will also open an hour early at 10a.m. and remain open until 6p.m.

It's going to be exciting, busy and hot! Here's how we can all prepare to make the day a success.

  1. Prepare for the heat: Due to capacity limitations, we can only allow a certain amount of people in the building at a time.  We expect a line of adopters that will probably have to spend some time waiting outside. Please bring water, a book and maybe a chair.  We will have volunteers to help answer questions while you wait.  We will also have some fans outside to help keep the area cooler.
  2. Leave your pets at home: We will not have enough staff to facilitate dog meet and greets on this day. Plus with all the activity, it can be stressful for humans and pets.
  3. Bring a valid photo ID/Diver's License.  You must be 18 years old or older to adopt.
  4. Cat Carrier/Dog Collar & Leash: adopted cats must leave the building in a carrier. Dogs must have a collar and a leash.  We sell these in our retail store and all proceeds go directly to saving more lives at the SPCA of Wake County.
  5. Adoptions are based on a first-come, first-served basis:  Several people may be interested in the same pet.  There is a chance that the animal you are interested in goes home with a family who is a few spots ahead of you on the wait list.  This can happen in the time you visit with the animal and return to the lobby to wait to go through the adoption process with a counselor. Consider visiting with a few pets that fit with your family and lifestyle.


1) Fill out your survey as you wait to enter the building

2) See the receptionist when you walk in

3) You have two options from here:

  • Meet with an adoption counselor first, pick your pet, and then finalize adoption: The receptionist will add your name to the wait list to meet with a counselor.  If you know the animal you are interested in, this can speed up the process of being able to adopt that animal.  After meeting with a counselor for the initial paperwork, you can visit with the pet you are interested in or see which adoptable pet is the right animal for your family.  Then, return to the lobby to get back on the wait list to see a counselor again to finalize the adoption. Adoption counselors will review the arrangements you’ve made for your new pet and review his or her medical history, current vaccinations, microchip, spay/neuter surgery and behavioral needs.
  • Visit with the animals first, choose your pet and wait to meet with an adoption counselor to start and finalize adoption process: If you do not know which animal you are interested in or have seen an animal you would like to meet online, but have not yet visited, you can do so at this time.  You will then return to the lobby to get on the wait list to meet with an adoption counselor to start and finalize the adoption process. (Note, you can go through the adoption process for a specific pet prior to meeting the pet.)

4) After the adoption is finalized you will be checked out in the Retail Store.

5) Your pet will be brought to you

6) Stop to take a "shelfie" in our photo booth! What's a "Shelfie?"  It's a "selfie" at a shelter! Get it? Make sure to use the hashtags: #ClearTheShelters, #WRAL, #SPCAwake

We know adding a pet to your family is an exciting adventure! Our staff, volunteers and adoption counselors are all here to help and make this process move as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Please be courteous to fellow adopters, SPCA staff and dedicated volunteers helping with this fantastic event!

We will have updates all day long on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.  Also, make sure to watch WRAL-TV Saturday morning from 6:00-8:00am and 9:30-10am for information and interviews as they broadcast live from the SPCA of Wake County Adoption Center.

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