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The gratitude we feel towards our volunteers can never truly be placed into words, and we hope that no matter what life brings that when you are here, you feel valued and appreciated.

Catalina & Chance

Canine Tasks

Canine Butler

  • We have an awesome team of Dog butlers that not only clean our dog bedrooms and play yards and our puppy bedrooms and tubs. But,  they also provide enrichment and socialization to our dogs and pups!  Our dogs and puppies cannot wait to meet, cuddle and play with you!

Canine Matchmaker

  • As a Canine Matchmaker, you're bringing together eager visitors and lovable canines for cuddles, connections, and potential adoptions! You're not just a matchmaker; you're also gathering helpful information about the dogs & puppies in our care & taking some adorable pictures & videos. Sharing details and cute pictures with our Adoption & Animal Care Team will help the pets find their forever homes even quicker. You’ll also be helping our dogs stay active & happy by providing them with appropriate toys & treats. And while you're at it, you’ll tidy up to ensure that our pets are staying clean & healthy and that visitors are having a great experience.
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Feline Tasks

Feline Butler

  • As a Cat Butler, you play an important role ensuring our cats and kittens have a clean and healthy environment to live in while they wait for their new families. While you clean, you will be providing important enrichment and playtime for the cats and kittens on the adoption floor and in the grooming room.

Feline Matchmaker

  • Feline Matchmakers are here to help our visitors meet our cats and kittens. You’ll have the amazing opportunity to engage with visitors and pets, and gather information about the personalities of the cats you’re spending time with. You're not just a matchmaker; you're spreading joy and inspiring others to join our mission. And while you're at it, you'll sprinkle a little cleaning mag
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Behind the Scenes Tasks

General Cleaning Volunteer

  • As a General Cleaning volunteer, you are assisting SPCA staff with providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment for all our pets that call our facility home while they wait to be adopted! Without our General Cleaning volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to take such great care of our pets!
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Medical Volunteer Task

Meds Volunteer

  • Being a Meds volunteer is a great way to help our dogs in a different way, doing this task requires volunteers to have great attention to detail and time management skills.  This task must be completed promptly and accurately twice daily to ensure all dogs receive their medication safely and effectively. Meds volunteers must be familiar with common dog behavior signs and our Star Dog program and designations. 
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Small Pets Butler

  • Small Pets Butlers provide cleaning, exercise, socialization and a loving environment for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals.  This attention and care prepare them for their forever homes, ensuring they are happy and ready for adoption.
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