Explore Our Work

Explore Our Work

Since 1967, the SPCA of Wake County has served our community by providing innovative programming, compassionate care and workable solutions for people and pets in need.

As the largest privately-funded animal welfare organization in Wake and surrounding counties, we are on the front lines of advancing the humane treatment of all companion animals. We have a proud legacy of leadership in setting the standard for how pets are treated in our community.

Together, we can create real and lasting change for pets, for people and for our community. It all starts here – with your investment, with our passion, and with a combined vision for a better future.


The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Wake County was founded in Raleigh, NC in 1967. For our first 25 years, we served as the only animal shelter in Wake County, providing adoption and lost pet services to more than 10,000 homeless pets each year.

In 2010, the SPCA of Wake County (funded by private donations) and the municipal Wake County Animal Services (funded by tax dollars) created a public/private partnership that reduces service duplication and makes it easier for lost pets to be reunited with their families.

Today, the SPCA of Wake County is a limited admission, no-kill animal welfare organization serving Wake and surrounding counties. No national group is doing the work we are doing here in our community and no national group is making our local rescue work possible.


The SPCA of Wake County is a private, non-profit organization and does not receive any local, state or federal tax dollars, nor do we receive funding from any national animal welfare organization, such as the ASPCA.

We rely almost entirely on private donations to fund our $2.7 million annual budget. Your support, and that of many other generous donors, is what makes it possible for us to be responsive to critical needs right here in our own community.

In 2015, the SPCA of Wake County will provide care and compassion to more than 3,300 homeless pets in need. The majority of these animals come from other shelters in Wake and surrounding counties – particularly those that lack the resources to provide emergency or long-term medical care these pets need in order to survive. These positive and collaborative partnerships are an essential component of working together to transform our community.