Heart-breaking. Unthinkable. That’s how volunteers described the scene in Las Vegas when they showed up to take care of a large population of abandoned pet bunnies, only to find dozens poisoned. Five of the surviving bunnies made their way to the SPCA of Wake County and two others with our partners at Triangle Rabbits last week.

The National Geographic reports that employees at a state health facility in Las Vegas released bunnies on the grounds several years ago. They multiplied and other people began dumping their pet bunnies on the property, leading to nearly 1000 bunnies needing care, food and water on a regular basis. Local volunteers in Las Vegas regularly cared for the bunnies and rescued many of them. But the mission became much more urgent after volunteers report that somebody poisoned about 30 of the animals two weeks ago.

Animal advocates raced to find rescues to take in the remaining bunnies and arrange for transport before any more harm could come to the rabbits. Because of your on-going support, the SPCA was Wake County had the resources ready to go to say "yes" to making space available for five bunnies.

Our partners, Triangle Rabbits, helped arrange for drivers to provide transport for several bunnies to make their way from Las Vegas to Raleigh. Two drivers arrived in Richmond, Virginia at 1:30am one week ago to pick-up the bunnies and drive back overnight to Raleigh.

"No one group could help this many rabbits," says Lindsay Blackburn with Triangle Rabbits. "It is heartening to see so many rescues and shelters come together from across the United States and Canada to help these rabbits. It is no small task to drive van loads of rabbits across the country. Together as a community, we can help more. Every volunteer, every veterinarian, every donor, every driver, every foster, every adopter helping with this situation is a hero. The bunnies didn't put themselves in this situation, people did. Thankfully, people are also coming together to help them, and give them a chance for a new life with a loving family."

It took careful organization, kind hearts and the dedication of a network of people to bring these bunnies to safety, but there are still more bunnies needing help and more could be making their way to the SPCA this month.

Help us provide for animals like these and have the space and resources to say "YES" to the next animal in need of urgent rescue. Your gifts save lives every day!

Here are some of the bunnies who arrived from Las Vegas to Raleigh and are available for adoption through the SPCA. Autumn is available through Triangle Rabbits.

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